GreenTeck Global have just completed a quick turnaround project working with the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Centre of Excellence and the Welsh Ambulance Service with the challenge of finding innovative ways to reduce the time to turn Ambulances around and get them back on the road.

Support for the challenge was provided by the Defence and Security Accelerator and government scientists based at Porton Down, who were able to complete the project in a remarkable 33 days.

During a seven day window over 200 organisations from across the UK entered a wide range of ideas to try and reduce the time to decontaminate an Ambulance from the current 45 minutes. The challenge also had the wider aim of potentially being able to provide efficient sanitising to a range of vehicles and spaces in other sectors  outside of the Ambulance services.

GreenTeck Global’s innovative portable fogging system was one of the few bids that was accepted for detailed trials and funding from the Welsh Government, with staff from the company working alongside the wider project team to understand the challenges and fine tuning the fogger to give an optimum operational sanitising time of less than 15 minutes.

Managing Director of GreenTeck Global, David Thurston, explained “When we heard about the challenge, we thought straight away that our AquaTeck Portable Fogger could quickly and simply deliver a “dry” fog to rapidly sanitise almost any space, and the whole team felt that if we could do our bit in supporting the front line in the battle against Covid-19 then we just had to go for it”