Nature's Cleaner

At the heart of GreenTeck Global’s technology is the production of trioxygen.
The air that we breathe is made up of two oxygen atoms – O2, we then add a third oxygen atom to create trioxygen – O3

It may sound all very futuristic and technical but in fact Mother Nature has been doing it to protect our planet since time began.
In the environment trioxygen is known as ozone. The ozone layer
protects the earth from harmful sunrays, and the clean, fresh smell you sense after a lightning storm is due to the ozone produced by the lightning.

In essence, we recreate the same effect as lightning to produce trioxygen.

Cleaner, Greener and better for the environment

The real benefit for the environment is that while tryoxygen is the most powerful steriliser known to man, it is 100% natural, contains no chemicals and is a greener, cleaner and healthier alternative to any traditional cleaning and purification processes.

Clean, Green Mean Machines

Unlike many cleaning or air-freshening processes that simply ‘masks’ odours and bacteria – Trioxygen DESTROYS THEM!

We refer to it affectionately as the ‘Munching Molecule’ in that the third oxygen atom effectively detaches itself and ‘eats’ odours, pathogens and bacteria.