Among exhibitors at IFEX 2018 will be Ozo Teck Global, which designs and manufactures innovative ozone systems for use in a number of commercial and industrial applications. In partnership with its main distributor CK Direct, Ozo Teck will be exhibiting its latest odour control system for commercial kitchens.
Ozo Teck provides green innovative solutions using ozone, which offers a very simple but extremely effective solution to the many odour issues experienced by a wide variety of businesses from private health care, care homes and hotels to commercial kitchens and industrial food manufacturing.

“Odour problems can create serious environmental issues and potential fines and site closures,” said David Thurston, director of Ozo Teck Global. “Environmental health officers are keen to find green alternative solutions that provide an effective solution, and our ozone air purifier units provide that solution.

“Ozo Teck has developed a unique solution for odour control in commercial kitchens, replacing more traditional solutions such as Carbon and ESP with ozone, which is easier to install with lower operating and servicing costs.

“Ozone is a very power deodoriser, which is 100 times more powerful that more traditional odour management systems and chemical free.

Our odour control units provide quick and simple air purification for hotels, care homes, wash rooms and general communal areas where odour can be a real issue.

“Ozo Teck offers a range of products for short- or long-term rental or outright purchase. With over five years’ experience working with ozone, we can help find the right solution for your problem.”

The article was originally published in the Ulster Grocer as part of our IFEX 2018 campaign. It is published here as it was printed, however the company details are incorrect. The company has changed names since, the old company name was used solely for accuracy to the article.

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