Dealing with the management and maintenance of student accommodation is a problem as old as universities themselves.

But now an Oxford company has come up with an innovative 21st Century solution that is ‘green’, clean and very cost-effective.

GreenTeck Global makes a range of trioxygen equipment that uses ozone to eliminate odours, attack mould and other pathogens, disinfects and can even play a significant role in eliminating odour from smoke damage.

Ozone (or O3) occurs naturally in the atmosphere – at high altitude the Ozone Layer prevents ultra-violet radiation reaching the Earth’s surface – and is produced by lightning. GreenTeck Global’s range of products uses the same ultra-violet light to artificially produce this ozone.

Ozone is the world’s most powerful natural disinfectant. One atom of oxygen detaches itself from each O3 or trioxygen molecule and it is this that deodourises, attacks mould and attaches to smoke particles neutralising them.

No other aggressive and expensive chemicals are required and all that is left at the end of the day is pure, natural, oxygen (as O2 molecules).

Sometime ago Oxford Brookes University had been talking to David Thurston, GreenTeck Global’s head, about the application of the company’s trioxygen equipment. It had just opened its new Engineering Block when unfortunately it suffered a fire in the carpentry shop that, in turn, caused substantial smoke-damage to the whole of the building.

GreenTeck Global was able to bring its trioxygen equipment within 24 hours of the fire and after an extensive clean-up operation – but on which only lasted a further couple of days – the results even surprised Harmohinder Bahl, the Oxford Brookes Deputy Director of Facilities and commercial services.

“I’ve been fascinated at the versatility and application of Ozone,” he said, “Equally, the creative and wide spectrum of solutions GreenTeck Global have provided has been particular welcome as has the collaborative and ‘can-do’ working approach from their team.”

The college was so impressed with the results that when the mother of one of their students complained her son was suffering respiratory problems directly as a result of unacceptably high levels of moisture and mould in his accommodation, GreenTeck Global was invited back to undertake another capability field-trial focusing on this specific problem.

Once again it proved to be a stunning success, so much so that Oxford Brookes has now purchased trioxygen equipment from GreenTeck Global and is using it, as and when necessary, across its student accommodation estate for both eradication of mould and odour control.

Success followed success and GreenTeck Global has just undertaken another, similar, installation at Leeds University, field-trials are currently underway at both Cardiff and Manchester Universities, detailed discussions are taking place with Imperial College London and Warwick University and there are exploratory talks with a number of other universities and F.E. colleges.

David Thurston explained: “We have a family of products and believe there is one for every location. They are very simple and safe to use and we can provide full training, operation and maintenance as required.

“The units themselves are very compact and robust and really are a very efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to tackle a wide range of problems.”