Enozo Spray Bottle

Advanced technology

Less germs and healthier facilities

Enozo Spray Bottle

Advanced technology

Less germs and healthier facilities

The problem

– Bacteria and viruses are everywhere and your facility is under constant assault
– Surfaces may appear clear but it doesn’t mean hygienic
– Germs are spread easily if they are not killed

Too much? or not enough?

You have to kill germs constantly but not alienate your customers.
Odors from chemicals and sanitizing agents can cause:
– nausea
– loss of appetite
– asthma trigger
– chemical sensitivities & allergic reactions

How do you kill constantly but not alienate those bringing in the pathogens?
How do you sanitize safely?

One of the challenges we face in this industry comes with the methods we use to combat the germs that do us harm…

What we use to kill germs could harm us.

USDA organic substances program

FDA food additive rating

EPA Registration #089373-MA-001

OSHA safe

Green Seal


– Antimicrobial
– Glasscleaner
– HardSurface cleaner
– Groutcleaner
– Deodorizer
– Carpet Spotter

1 Enozo spray bootle = 600 gallon of ready to use sanitiser

Exclusive Benefits

– Saves time
– Eliminates chemicals
– Saves Money
– Eliminates purchasing, receiving, and inventory carrying costs
– Eliminates shrinkage
– Eliminates errors associated with measuring or overuse
– Never run out of product as long as you have water
– No need to spend time traveling to and from the fill station
– Perfect stability control – will never lose efficacy. Compliance officers love it!

Aqueous Ozone

FRANKE Certificate for EU

TUV Certificate SB100

ENOZO Product Sheet

The Effects of Aqueous Ozone on Bacteria & Viruses