AirTeck Plug In Air Purifier

Portable Plug In Ozone Air Purifier and Deodoriser Eliminates Odours

Plug In Small plug-sized trioxygen generator

Plug In Small plug-sized trioxygen generator for tackling ambient smells.
A breath of fresh air for commercial and residential odour control.


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Traditionally the way we deal with ambient smells is to mask them with a hint of something exotic such as ‘mountain violets’.

All very nice but what these air fresheners are essentially doing is temporarily replacing or masking one smell
with another.

The GreenTeck Plug In goes one step further, it actually destroys odours.

The ingenious design produces trioxygen, which is 100% natural and chemical-free, and destroys bacteria, pathogens and odours, leaving a room smelling fresh and clean… without a hint of chemical based scents, sorry, ‘mountain violets’


GreenTeck trioxygen generators simply plug into a normal plug socket.


Trioxygen is the most powerful steriliser known – safer, cleaner and more effective than any man-made solution.


Trioxygen is 100% natural and pure.


Trioxygen doesn’t just mask odours, pathogens and bacteria, TRIOXYGEN DESTROYS THEM.


Trioxygen generators effectively run on air with no expensive chemicals or manual cleaning required, making the whole process incredibly easy and cost-effective.


A simple fresh approach to odour control

The Plug In simply plugs in to a normal plug socket.
The control button on the side can be set to constant (up) or timer (down). To operate we recommend the control button is in the timed, down position, then simply press the button on the front of the Plug In
to start.

The Plug In will run for 30 minutes and then switch off automatically.


“I was not sure of the product, however on trying it l had a quick change of mind, it has a refreshing and clear smell in the room, the air was very fresh. I will certainly be investing in the product again” – Crystal Homes

“I have had the opportunity to use the plug in. I used it in our spare bedroom when we had a visitor who stayed the night and they had slept with the window open. I used the plug in (pressed it a few times) and the smell of “sleep” went.” – The University of Manchester

“The smell is entirely gone.”

“Easy to use and does the job fast.”

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