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Aura Wall mounted trioxygen unit

A breath of fresh air for effective residential and commercial odour control.

Traditionally the way we deal with odours is to mask them with another smell, that partially does the job but the odour is still there… not for much longer.

Aura does things differently, Aura uses trioxygen, which is 100% natural and chemical-free, to actually destroys odours, bacteria and pathogens so they are gone completely, leaving a room smelling fresh and clean.

Aura can either be conveniently wall-mounted or used as a free-standing unit, making it easy to carry from room to room. A programmable timer allows you to choose when to use it or can been set to run 24/7.

A cleaner, greener approach to odour control

Dependent on room size and the severity of the odour, the unit can be set to produce enough trioxygen to cover an area of between 10 – 150 cubic metres.

The versatility of this air purifier means its scope for usage is vast and Aura is used internationally in many different business sectors.

The fact that Aura is 100% natural also makes it perfect for home and office areas where there are odour issues

Ideal for:
• Corridors and larger reception areas in hotels,
care homes and student accommodation
• Washrooms and public toilets
• Waiting areas in vets’ and doctors’ surgeries
• Static caravans
• Dedicated smoking areas
• Canteens and designated eating areas
• Pet areas.


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