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SAVORTEX – Hand Dryer with AV communication

A revolutionary new hand Dryer with built in AV communication.

The Savortex® ad Dryer™ combines the latest Intel® ATOM and Smart Connect Technology with the energy-saving benefits of a highly efficient hand dryer…
all with the revenue generating opportunity of ‘hands on’ advertising.

The in-built sensors report dryer usage in real-time, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver unrivalled energy, waste, resource savings. Effectively enabling washroom inspections to be based on actual footfall rather than timed intervals.

Its in-built screen engages users with real time static or HD video messages, giving media agencies and advertisers a unique opportunity to communicate with precisely targeted audiences, as users dry their hands. Data driven, video or static adverts directed to a captive, 100% gender segmented, time and location-based audience in popular, high-traffic venues.


Businesses can use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams; transforming wasteful and costly washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.

Savortex, a greener solution is on hand.

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