About Us

GreenTeck Global is an innovator in alternative green technologies; providing sustainable, energy conscious and cost-effective solutions that will make a real difference to the environment.

Pure Genius

When the very future of our planet necessitates the need for cleaner air and cleaner water, GreenTeck is pioneering solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of bacteria, pathogen and odour control.

At the heart of our solutions is the creation and use of trioxygen (O3), which is 100% natural and effectively replaces an ever-increasing dependency on damaging and harmful chemicals.

Cleaner, Greener

A cleaner, greener range of world-leading products, designed to improve the environment, save money and reduce the carbon footprint for industry and commercial applications.

David Thurston is the founder of GreenTeck Global and he has worked for the best part of a decade in the design and manufacture of trioxygen generators.
David has a wealth of international experience and an industry-leading reputation in this very specialised sector having worked in the US and China and with one of the largest ozone manufacturers in Central America – Ozone Solutions.

Trioxygen when it is created in the environment is referred to as ‘Mother Nature’s own oxidiser’ and its outstanding cleaning, stertilising, purifying and beneficial eco-friendly qualities have been recognised and utilised around the world for over 30 years, yet it is still relatively unknown in this country.

As a greener, cleaner and more effective alternative to chemicals, trioxygen is the most powerful steriliser known to man.
The innovative systems offered by GreenTeck Global will bring the ‘power’ of trioxygen to UK businesses and industries, delivering unprecedented levels of cleaning and control of odours, pathogens and bacteria.

Meet the team

Gill Thurston

Founder and Director

David Thurston

Founder and Director, Customer Delivery

Viktor Verebelyi

Technical Director

John Grubb

Operations Director

Jasmine Bonthrone

Team Administrator